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Due to safety concerns, it is our policy to allow customers to bring only manual hand-saws with them to the farm.

We prefer that you use one of our provided bow-saws, but we absolutely cannot allow any motorized or automatic saws of any type, nor can we allow any axes, hatchets, or any other swinging-type tool to be used on the premises.

We do have a chainsaw available for use only by staff members in order to assist you in cleaning up any stray branches from the bottom of your tree, as well as putting a fresh cut on it if you so desire.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however, we feel quite firmly that it is much more important to be as safe as possible.

Although pets are welcome, we ask that for the safety and respect of all of our customers, all pets should be kept on a leash. 

Thanks for making the Christmas tree selection pleasant for families of all ages.

Huron Christmas Tree Farm - 32120 King Rd, Huron Township, Michigan - 48164
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